Yoga for Families in Evergreen

Yoga for Families in Evergreen

Like many Evergreen locals, my husband and I moved to Evergreen because it is a wonderful community in which to raise our daughter. Before moving up the hill we lived in Englewood next to a busy street. Police sirens could frequently be heard buzzing by our home. The complexity of city life just seemed like too much for our little girl’s early development. We are now pleased with our decision and delighted watching our toddler play in the wilderness surrounded by wildlife and beautiful forests.  Instead of picking up cigarette butts from the sidewalk, she plays with pinecones and flowers.

I’m very passionate about yoga and have been for many years, but since I had my daughter I went from attending multiple yoga classes a week to feeling lucky to attend one class a month. I’m sure that many yogi parents can relate to this experience.

Breigh and I share a similar vision with regard to Echo Yoga & Co-op. She has 4 kids, but she wants to practice yoga and she wants her kids to learn. She is passionate about creating a place to grow and nurture a community of healthy families. Breigh will be managing the childcare side of the studio and some of the workshops and I will be running the yoga program. Together we are building a yoga community for everyone.

Prenatal yoga. Postnatal yoga. Baby and me. Yoga for toddlers and parents. Yoga for parents. Kids yoga. Yoga for teens. Adult yoga. Meditation classes. Yoga for EVERYONE! It’s all coming Evergreen!


Rainey Oliver

Rainey immediately fell in love with yoga the very first time she came to her mat. After nine months of practicing, she eagerly enrolled in a 200-hour teacher training at CorePower Yoga, with the idea that she could learn more about yoga to eventually teach to kids. Soon after, she completed the Yoga for Young Warriors teacher training in early 2012 and has happily been teaching the benefits of the postures and breathing to kids in school groups, yoga camps, and studio classes. A former second grade teacher, she stepped away to focus on teaching children and adults to honor joyful and childlike behavior in order to reduce stress, prolong good health, and spread peace.


  1. Fatima Kozar Says: April 3, 2017 at 9:21 pm

    Came across your site through Facebook. Excited to hear about your studio! Our family is new to Evergreen this last month from out of state. Once our second daughter arrives in the next few days, I will look for a baby and me or toddler and me class schedule for May. Congratulations on your opening and happy to see this offered in Evergreen 🙂

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