Mothers Day Weekend Fun at Echo Yoga!

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This Mother’s Day weekend is setting up to be an especially fun time at Echo Yoga & Co-op!

Starting Saturday morning off, we will be hosting our first Family Yoga Day Retreat. As a yoga studio and community co-op, we are focused on lifting up all members of our community, through thoughtful classes and programs as well as our ever-improving and fun childcare area. We thought a day of yoga and hiking for the whole family was the perfect way to allow everyone to benefit from what we have to offer.

What makes this Family Yoga Day Retreat especially fun, is that it falls on the Saturday before Mother’s Day, so of course the kids will be making mom a gift while she does yoga!

A quick summary of the day: Maegan Miro and I will be guiding families through two yoga classes. The first, guided by me, is a 45 minute Family Yoga class. During family yoga, everyone gets to play with the yoga postures while we sing songs, and act silly. We’ll incorporate modifications and activities for families with kids of all ages. Then, after settling the kids in with a snack, parents will go back the the studio with Maegan for an upbeat adult yoga class, while kids help us plant a community garden and make a craft for mom. We’ll also play some games with additional time! After adults finish yoga, families have the choice to join along for a hike and picnic in Elk Meadow.

Sidenote: EAPL is holding a pet adoption event on the front patio in front of Perceptions Day Salon and Keller Williams — so be prepared to see some cute puppies!!

About an hour after the families head out for the hike, we will have another fun Yoga Day Retreat – this one for adults. During this day retreat, Amy Foreman will be joined, again by Maegan Miro to lead yogis deep into their practice with an energizing vinyasa class. Everyone will then head out on the trail, beginning with some meditative hiking. We’ll provide snacks on the trail, where everyone can relax and connect with like-minded friends. After the hike, Maegan will guide everyone in a relaxing yin yoga class. It really is the best of all things! Since it’s Mother’s Day weekend, we’re running a special for moms to come for 1/2 price!

The day ends at 6pm, and we encourage anyone there from the Yoga Day Retreat to check out Tuscany Tavern or Sushi Win, or any of the awesome restaurants in Evergreen!

If you are looking for some Mother’s Day Yoga on Sunday, I encourage you to check out Alan Werthan’s new Energetic Graceful Flow class. He is such a kind man and considered something of a yoga guru up here! AND he’s offering all his May classes free of charge. Now that’s something Mom would love!

We hope you’ll check out our offerings and spend some of your Mother’s Day Weekend with the Echo Yoga & Co-op family!


Rainey Oliver

Rainey immediately fell in love with yoga the very first time she came to her mat. After nine months of practicing, she eagerly enrolled in a 200-hour teacher training at CorePower Yoga, with the idea that she could learn more about yoga to eventually teach to kids. Soon after, she completed the Yoga for Young Warriors teacher training in early 2012 and has happily been teaching the benefits of the postures and breathing to kids in school groups, yoga camps, and studio classes. A former second grade teacher, she stepped away to focus on teaching children and adults to honor joyful and childlike behavior in order to reduce stress, prolong good health, and spread peace.

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