Echo Yoga General Classes

Explore the fundamental yoga postures combined with a vinyasa flow. Create a foundation in your yoga practice, connecting breath to movement while strengthening the full-body. Teachers provide demonstrations and offer modifications to make yoga accessible to practitioners of every level. Enjoy uplifting music in a warm, but not heated studio (temperatures between 70 – 75 degrees).

Beginner postures designed to detoxify the body are combined with the more heat and longer hold times. Flexibility, core strengthening and balancing are the focus while engaging muscles and opening hips and shoulders. Set to motivating music, in a heated studio (temperatures 80 – 90 degrees)

Deepen your yogic practice with an alignment focused flow connecting breath to movement. The vinyasa flow can be a little slower, and longer hold times up the intensity. You will stretch, engage and open up different areas of the body, leading to a key peak posture or two. Come to get out out of your comfort zone. Flows are theme based, focusing on alignment, strength building, encourage experimenting, and having fun! Inspiring music and a heated room compliment the flow (temperatures 80 – 90 degrees).

The opposite of the typical vinyasa flow, yin yoga is designed to restore and relax the body, while creating space and mindful awareness. Practitioners will be guided through a series of postures, often using yoga props and blankets to create more accessibility and comfort, while holding postures for longer times. Muscles are allowed to relax during these longer holds, allowing healing and emphasis to be on ligaments and joints. Nourishing music and a warm studio allows students to go deep within (temperatures between 75 – 80 degrees)

The postnatal body, while potentially ready for exercise at 6 weeks, is actually said to take up to 3-4 years to heal from childbirth. Postnatal yoga is designed specifically for the postpartum mother, though it is accessible to dad and any other caregiver, too. Class begins with a check-in and creating community with others caring for young babies. With a focus on the transverse abdominal abs and pelvic floor health, students will flow through yoga postures designed to aid in strengthening, weight loss, flexibility and mental clarity. In addition to the adult practice, babies are not forgotten. Baby & me yoga songs, stretches, and massage are taught. Parents are encouraged to feed, change diapers and snuggle baby as needed. Experience pleasant music, singing and a unheated studio (temperatures around 70 degrees).

Bring your older babies, toddlers and young children to this class designed for the busy parent and caregiver. One half of class is designed for the adults, and the other for both adults and toddlers. During the adult portion of class, there is the option to have your child stay in the studio with you or you can take advantage of our on-site childcare area for a discounted 30 minute rate*. IF keeping child with you, bring toys and snacks or we’ll have toys available allowing your child to quietly play. Meanwhile, adults are guided through a vigorous vinyasa flow, while being provided modifications for still-healing postpartum bodies or for various levels of experience. Beginners are welcome! Then, children will be brought into the room, toys picked up, and the fun of toddler & me yoga begins. Toddlers and adults are guided through stretches and movement designed to teach yoga and create body awareness. Music, singing, and playing are incorporated into this fun class. Anything goes! Parents are encouraged to model and play, while connecting with children, other parents and themselves in this vibrant class. Studio is unheated (temperatures around 70 degrees). *Childcare during class currently available on weekdays only.

Featured Co-op Classes

Co-op classes are independently operated and taught. While space can be reserved and paid for though Echo Yoga, prices are set by Co-op members. While Echo Yoga clients may receive a discount on classes by becoming a member, no packages (membership or multi-class packs) or new student specials apply to Co-op classes.

Wednesday@ 7pm Meditation Classes

Tuesdays & Thursdays @4pm Ascend Kids Yoga Classes