Vinyasa Yoga

Beginner Power Vinyasa Yoga

Explore the fundamental yoga postures combined with a vinyasa flow. Create a foundation in your yoga practice, connecting breath to movement while strengthening the full-body. Teachers provide demonstrations and offer modifications to make yoga accessible to practitioners of every level. Enjoy uplifting music in a warm, but not heated studio (temperatures between 70 – 75 degrees).

Vinyasa Yoga

Deepen your yogic practice with an alignment focused flow connecting breath to movement. The vinyasa flow can be a little slower, and longer hold times up the intensity. You will stretch, engage and open up different areas of the body, leading to a key peak posture or two. Come to get out out of your comfort zone. Flows are theme based, focusing on alignment, strength building, encourage experimenting, and having fun! Inspiring music and a heated room compliment the flow (temperatures 80 – 90 degrees).

Power Vinyasa Flow

This class honors the yogi looking to get on their mat and out of their head. Power Vinyasa Flow focuses on detoxification, strength and flexibility, while encouraging playfulness in your practice. Upbeat music combines with a heated and humid room, leaving you nice and sweaty (temperatures between 80-90 degrees).