Yoga Teachers

Alexis Roberts

A competitive swimmer for years, Alexis discovered yoga was a way for her to take a step back, breathe and connect. She’s been practicing for 8 years now and recently completed her 200 hour power yoga training through CorePower Yoga. She loves teaching adults and kiddos alike and encourages a safe and strong practice. She hopes to see you on your mats!

Katie Larson

Katie was initially drawn to yoga in 2010 to compliment her intensely active lifestyle. As her practice evolved to accommodate multiple sports injuries and autoimmune related issues, she was forced to slow down and turn inward. It was only then that she discovered the incredible healing properties that yoga has to offer physically, mentally, and spiritually. She absolutely fell in love, and has yet to look back! Her classes are playful, energetic vinyasa-style, always accompanied by groovy beats. Katie enjoys all things nature, experimenting in the kitchen, and watching mountain sunrises. She is looking forward to connecting on the mat in practice with you!

Ren Beltrán

Ren’s classes work physically on your body, alleviate stress, and improve overall wellbeing. She takes her practice with her off the mat: enjoying better health, finding a meditative rhythm through the day, and staying more present with friends and family. Beginners can find ease in the explanations and guidance in Ren’s classes, while seasoned practitioners are challenged with creative sequencing and options for advanced poses. Her classes incorporate tradition, alignment, and a deeper connection to the self. Venturing to bring yoga to everyone, Ren teaches on the water, in studios, and in corporate offices.

Allan Wetharn

Since my first mysteriously powerful yoga class in 1974, yoga has been an integral and defining focus for my life.  Modern  yoga culture has made ancient yoga wisdom so accessible and welcoming. The boundless power of pranayama, (breath practice, to center, focus, and transform is a miracle that I have experienced directly in life-changing and life-saving ways and love to share with students.  The strength, balance, and flexibility that develops in body and mind from regular yoga practice is amazingly powerful.  My passion is sharing the magic, mystery and unlimited potential of yoga with beginners and experienced practitioners alike.  My focus as a certified Integrative Yoga Therapy instructor is facilitating the process for each student of discovering their inner truth while moving towards creating a life of energy, balance, gratitude and significance.  I hope to see you on the mat soon.  Feel free to call if you have questions in advance of your first class.  Allan 303-378-6923

Maegan Miro

After living with a close family member who battled and survived ovarian cancer, Maegan vowed to change her own lifestyle. Yoga called to her. In less than a year, Maegan lost 45 pounds from daily Yoga. But it wasn’t only the practice that changed her body, it was the culture and awareness that ultimately got her to become a Yoga teacher. Once Yoga became a regular part of her life, her mind, body, and soul began to grow together. Since completing her 200 hour vinyasa teacher training at Kindness Yoga in Denver, Maegan is eager to share Yoga with any person wanting to practice. She has also been called to the study of Yin Yoga and is excited to dive deeper into the body with Yin. She has traveled all over the world and even recently spent several years living abroad only to discover she is a true Colorado girl. As she would say: “Kiss the mountain air we breathe.”

Amy Foreman
Amy Foreman

Amy started exploring yoga in 1997. Fast forward almost 20 years, and she cannot imagine life without  yoga practice. It is her counselor, spiritual guide, best friend, physical therapist, and chiropractor…all in one! Amy has been teaching yoga since 2008. Alignment is a foundational part her practice and teaching. She believes that practicing mindful alignment not only facilitates a safe practice, but it also keeps our head “in the game”, guiding and reminding us to always listen to and honor our bodies as we move with our breath. She looks forward to playing and exploring with you on the mat.

Rainey Oliver

Rainey immediately fell in love with yoga the very first time she came to her mat. After nine months of practicing, she eagerly enrolled in a 200-hour teacher training at CorePower Yoga, with the idea that she could learn more about yoga to eventually teach to kids. Soon after, she completed the Yoga for Young Warriors teacher training in early 2012 and has happily been teaching the benefits of the postures and breathing to kids in school groups, yoga camps, and studio classes. A former second grade teacher, she stepped away to focus on teaching children and adults to honor joyful and childlike behavior in order to reduce stress, prolong good health, and spread peace.